From a pianissimo note held for five measures, to a rollicking, sax-based tune of her own, to deep and penetrating scats, Deborah Latz’ album, Lifeline, covers a wide range of moods, and emotions – all supported by Deborah’s accomplished vocals and an outstanding group of side men and women.

release date September 23 2008
Deborah Latz vocals
Daniela Schächter piano
Bob Bowen bass
Elisabeth Keledjian drums
special guest
Joel Frahm tenor sax
Michael Brorby recording & mixing
Recorded August 2 & 3, 2007 and January 12, 2008
Acoustic Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Gene Paul mastering
Mastered June 13, 2008
DB Plus, New York, NY
©Todd Weinstein photography
Kristopher Pelletier art direction